The following care tips would help maintain good breast pump suction and also ensure that your parts are kept in good condition.

  • Check the white valves and large membranes regularly for any tears or holes. If so, they would need to be replaced as suction would drop and it can affect your milk supply.
  • All parts except the spring (for the Unimom Allegro# breast shield kit) can be sterilised. However, we do not recommend the use of microwave sterilisers as there is a risk of the parts melting (same for parts for other brands’ breast pumps).
  • Wash the bottom cover, large membrane, spring (if applicable), and top cover regularly to prevent mould growing and reduce the need to replace the parts.
  • The air tubes should not be washed as Unimom's patented genuine closed system ensures hygienic expression of milk. No milk or micro vapours can back flow down the tubing into the motor, while preventing external air from contaminating the expressed breastmilk.